Post-Abortion Support

Post-Abortion Support

This program is for those who have experienced abortion in their past and need someone to talk to who has been there and understands. Our team of leaders walk through an 8 week study called Forgiven and Set Free by Linda Cochrane, finding hope and healing for their past abortion through the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Men are also offered hope and healing through the study Healing a Father’s Heart by Linda Cochrane and Kathy Jones upon request.

Susan's Story

Having an abortion wasn't part of my plans as a 22 year old single woman. But neither was having sex.  I wanted to get married and be a mom.  My parents taught me that there was a right way for that to happen and it had to do with making the right choices.

Then, I met a special guy. My relationship with him resulted in getting pregnant and him suggesting abortion. Abortion had never occurred to me until he mentioned it.  He assured me that we would have children “when we were ready” and I believed him.  He made the appointment and drove me out-of-state for the abortion.I will never forget the excruciating physical pain of that surgical procedure.   I felt relieved when it was over, yet, there was also a feeling of deep sadness.  And, when I stopped crying on the outside, I kept crying on the inside.  I felt dirty, alone, cheated, betrayed and manipulated. Needless to say, our relationship changed; life wasn't fun anymore.  There would be no marriage and no children.When I met my husband and we had set our wedding date, he informed me that he did not want to have children.  As life turned out, for me, the baby I aborted was the only child I would ever conceive.Through a sermon at church six months after my abortion, I learned that God knows everything about me and still loves me. That's when my healing journey began. I thank Him for His forgiveness and healing and the opportunity to help other women heal from their abortion trauma.  One thing is for certain; I will always live with the emptiness of my aborted child."



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